James (Domiri) Abramczyk - Born 1888 - Died 1939 @ age 51
Anna (Anastazja) Miotownic - Born April 11, 1910 - Died April 23, 1988 @ age 78

Domiri was a lieutenant in the Polish army, then Post Master general, then bought a large farm in Luszkie, Wilno, Poland. Domiri was 40 years old and Anna was 17 years old when they married. They had 3 boys and 1 girl.

Tony (Anatoli) 1929
Nick (Mikolaj) 1932
Martha 1934
Alex 1937.

1939 - Hitler (Germany) and Stalin (USSR) agreed to overtake Poland. The Germans took West Poland and the USSR took East Poland. One winter day the Russians came into Domiri's house and told them to take whatever they could carry because they were not coming back. They were taken by horse and sled to a railway and put on a cattle boxcar to Siberia.

1942 - They were taken out of Siberia by boxcar train to Usbekistan. On the way there, Domiri and little Alex died of starvation. When the train would stop, the families would run into the fields and get potatoes, etc, for food. Domiri gave his food to his children. At stops along the way, the train would stop and all the dead bodies would be thrown on the ground. A horse and sleigh was there to pick them up. In Usbekistan, Martha age 8, became ill. Her mom (Anna) carried her 8 km. on her back to the nearest hospital. The next day Anna walked back to the hospital and they said Martha had died. Anna wanted to see her but they said no. Martha was never seen again.

The family was then sent to Pakistan, Persia (Iran), then India, then by boat to southern Rhodesia, Africa.

Rusape - They lived there whee Anna was a head cook. The boys went to a boys school and learned English. They played soccer with the native peoples.

1948 - The camps were being closed. Families were given the chance to go to Canada, USA, England, Australia or Argentina. Anna chose Canada because of the nice things they heard about it. (Domiri's brother Rudolph and his family chose the USA.) Anna and the boys were then taken to Kenya, then Mozambique, then sailed on a ship called the General W.M. Black.

August 12, 1949 - They landed in Halifax, Canada. They went by train to Ajax, Ontario. Here the families were assigned to work on a farm. Anna, Tony and Nick were sent to Wentworth to work on a farm. Then Anna worked in Cobourg, Ontario as a housekeeper on Robertson's farm. Tony went to a farm in Brighton that is Knight's Apple Orchard. Nick went to Harwood to work on Lean's farm.

1954 - Tony and Nick married sisters in Cobourg.


We have not learned how to claim land or money from banks in Poland because most records, deeds, papers and birth certificates went missing during World War 2.